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Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (Mala)

Potato Chips

Real Mala Goodness, No Mala Fides. Welcome to our Crazy Hot Asian Series, where the best peppers from Sichuan and the highly prized truffles from Italy are combined to become a snack unlike any others. The fusion of this East-meets-West recipe is born from countless hours of research to make it perfect for tastebuds all over the world. Dive into the tingling, mouth-numbing and zesty world of Mala, which blends perfectly together with the rich, earthy flavours of our Black Summer Truffle. Glazed on our expertly crafted potato chips, each bite summons forth an intense burst of these fusion of flavours into your mouth. Prepare your napkins, it’s going to be a sizzling experience!

HK$ 69.00 HKD

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