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Black Winter Truffle MSW Durian Mooncakes - Box of 4 Mooncakes

Potato Chips

The set comes in: - Box of 4 mooncakes: 2 Onyx Truffle MSW Durian Mooncake | 2 Frosty Truffle MSW Durian Mooncake - Aroma Truffle™️ Branded Insulation Bag. ----------------- For centuries, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been a time where people celebrate and enjoy delicious mooncake treats. At Aroma Truffle, this tradition of enjoyment is enhanced with a luxurious fusion of delectable local flavors from the Mao Shan Wang Durians and air-flown Italian Black Winter Truffles. Celebrate Sophistication this Mid-Autumn festival. Spoil yourself with this lavish treat, and feast like royalty. Frosty Truffle MSW Snow Skin Mooncake In the heart of our elegant-looking Frosty Truffle Mooncake, we filled it up with the illustrious Pahang MSW Durian flesh and bits of Real Black Winter Truffle. This combination is both luxurious and divine in taste, complementing perfectly with one another. This mooncake variation has a stronger note in truffle fragrance and this perfect union of creamy bittersweet durian and truffles is truly a match made in heaven! The White Snow Skin encases the riches with a smooth mochi-like texture which elevates the entire tasting experience. Truffle and durian lovers line up now! Onyx Truffle MSW Snow Skin Mooncake Filled with the pure, golden flesh of the renowned MSW Durian, our Onyx Truffle Mooncake is truly a remarkable creation. At first glance, the black-colored Snow Skin sprinkled with gold dust is an object of sophistication and luxury. Made from Real Truffles, the Charcoal Snow Skin creates an incredible fragrant experience with the distinct aroma of truffles, and it compliments perfectly with the bittersweet taste of the durian flesh. Pamper yourself with gourmet-grade mooncakes this Mid-Autumn festival.

HK$ 588.00 HKD

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